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Custom Work

Our Creative Process

Our knowledgeable salespeople will assist you in designing a brand new custom piece or bringing new life to something that’s been sitting in your jewelry box for years. DeSumma & Wexler Fine Jewelers in Philadelphia, we specialize in resetting stones, repurposing jewelry components, and jewelry replication.



Whether you are interested in updating your engagement ring setting or remounting your grandmother’s favorite pearl earrings into a pendant you can wear everyday, we will be happy to bring the piece to life. Best of all, our customization process is free of charge.


CAD/CAM Technology

Cutting-edge Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacturing technology is utilized by our industry leading professionals to create detailed design renderings of your special piece. Once the renderings are complete, they are emailed to you for approval and unlimited revisions may be made to ensure your satisfaction. Follow this link to view our rendering portfolio with a variety of our designs.

Wax Model

Wax Model

Through our state-of-the-art “milling” and “growing” processes, a precise wax model is machined to the renderings specifications. This model acts as a tangible rough draft of the final product.

Wax Casting


The wax model is then used to create a plaster mold that will be filled with molten metal to cast the custom jewelry to perfect accuracy.

Stone Setting

Stone Setting & Finishing

The final stage of our customization process occurs when we send the jewelry to our master stone setter. After he sets each individual stone by hand, our polishers finish the piece and we complete a final inspection.


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